How To Create an eBook<br>(in 24 Hours)

Here”s a problem many people – especially creative people – struggle with all the time. It goes something like this:

“I have started several (e)books, but never finished any of them. How can I get something that I can sell finished and ready to go quickly?”

The problem most people encounter with getting an ebook done comes down to 2 major roadblocks.

#1: They can”t keep their content organized enough to create something that feels like a book.

#2: Their strategy for getting their ebook done takes too damn long!

Here”s a strategy for both keeping it organized AND getting it done so you can knock out an ebook in as little as 24 hours (actually a lot less than that).

Ready? Here it is.

Think in terms of a “list” and not a “book.”

A “book” is complicated. It has too many moving parts.

A “list” is simple. It has a beginning, middle, and end.

People love to make lists and they love to get lists. It helps everyone stay organized mentally and creates neat little compartments into which things fit.

So… don”t write a book – create a list!

Create an ebook based on a list of things your target audience really wants to know (especially if they want FAST results).

Lists that typically work in ANY niche market include:

Top 7 Secrets

Top 7 Mistakes

Top 10 Tools

Top 10 Questions

Top 7 Things To Avoid

Top 10 Lies People Tell

Also, the numbers 7 and 10 work like magic for this purpose. (Don”t ask why, just accept those numbers as THE ones to use.)

If you organize your ebook as a list, you can focus much more easily on getting it written. You can also outsource the research much more easily too.

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A great place to look for lists you can draw from is People publish lists on a number of different topics and it can get your mind percolating really fast on different things you could write about (or pay someone to write about). And, since you can see how popular a list is, it can also help you quickly gauge interest in the topic.

Second, now that you have a list, you need casino online a strategy for getting your ebook created fast! That too is simple.

Use what I”ve dubbed the “3 by 3” model. Take your 7 or 10 list points and quickly come up with the 3 points you”d like to make about each main one. Then, come up with 3 sub-points for each of those.

That will give you between 63 (7 x 3 x 3) and 90 (10 x 3 x 3) “nuggets” to use in constructing your ebook. Each point just needs to be a couple sentences long. You can either write it out or (faster) talk it out on a conference line as an interview with a friend and then get the recording transcribed.

Ebooks don”t have to be as long as books. In fact, most people prefer ebooks that get to the point rather than ramble on endlessly.

Using this strategy will net you an ebook in the range of 20-45 pages, depending on how much you write or how long you talk about each point.

Bottom line: if you struggle to get your ebook (or book) done quickly, using this list model along with my “3 by 3” strategy will help you get it done FAST! And certainly MUCH faster than you would get it done by any other method!

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27 thoughts on “How To Create an eBook<br>(in 24 Hours)

  1. Katherine said:

    I’ve often wondered if there was an optimum number of pages for an ebook where people will actually print it out and use it rather than filing and forgetting it.

    Also I’m thinking of creating print friendly versions of any ebook that I write to offer as an alternative to the one with all the formatting and graphics. Is it worth taking the time to do that (for people like me who think about trees)?

    Any thoughts on either of those questions?

    • Katherine,

      I think you need a minimum of 20 pages to call something an ebook πŸ˜€

      I also think having a printer-friendly version is a GREAT idea!


  2. Love it!

    Sounds like you’re talking directly to me πŸ™‚

    What are your guidelines for reposting this on my website?


    • Hi Brenda,

      Glad you like it!

      Right now I want to keep it on my site to get the SEO juice… how about we talk in a week or so and then figure out what we might be able to do?



  3. Thank you Jim…..brilliantly simple!

    It seems like most beginning writers just need a simple strategy to get them going, in order to get that book written. I run into a lot of people who have been conditioned to think that book creation is TOO HARD and UNACHIEVABLE.

    I like your suggestion to record your content “like you’re talking to a friend”. That takes a lot of the pressure off mentally.

    All the best,

    Jerry Kuzma
    from cloudy N Ireland

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thanks πŸ™‚

      Glad to help!


  4. Jim, I have a ebook on Amazon’s Kindle but my profits are so small that I wonder is there a better place to market my ebook?
    My ebook is about a health condition that many people suffer from. I have another ebook that also targets a health condition but do I want to market this book a way that can get infront of many people. Any suggestions?

    • Terrence,

      Your best bet is to market directly and actively from your own website. You can have a book on Kindle that acts as a “feeder” to your own website.

      But in the end, for most people, the way to max profit and max control is marketing off your own website.


  5. Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.) said:

    Hey Jim!

    It’s good to see that you’re 100% authentic with your quality posts, 24hrs/day 365days/ year!

    You have ALWAYS provided valuable, easy-to-follow, thought-provoking content…


    Have you changed your position on using the “KDP Select Program” to publish your eBooks?

    A little while back you and I shared the same philosophy on giving someone else (Amazon) sole authority to control the sell of your eBook, for a specified time (90days).

    I didn’t think it was wise a few months ago, but I may try it for the release of one of my books, in a week or so.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for your assessment, in advance πŸ™‚

    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep On, Keeping On…”

    • Dr. Michael,

      I think as long as marketing your book on Kindle is PART of a funnel strategy to get people to your site and on your list, sure – “Select” is not a bad idea. But as the SOLE means of marketing your only book or your only business, no, it’s a bad idea (in my opinion).

      I’ve had Amazon give me crap over a couple of my books (that were previously in “Select”) because I published part of them as articles on several blogs. I had to PROVE to them (multiple times) that I hadn’t scraped the content. I found them very annoying (and yes, I understand they said it was for my own protection, but I believe it was for their control).

      My 2-cents


      • Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.) said:

        Thanks for the reply Jim.

        I agree with you 1,000,000%

        Whenever we put our “Creativity” and “Ability to Generate Income” under the control of someone else, (by relegating ourselves as their EMPLOYEE, where they control 100% of OUR Income, we limit OUR POTENTIAL to do great things…

        This is why singers and other artists oftentimes break away from their Recording Contracts, and it’s also why some athletes and actors end up Broke and in soup lines… They put their talent in the hands of someone else to control, for too long of a period of time.

        I had that problem with the first Contract I signed with a Publishing Company. They wanted COMPLETE CONTROL over the copyright to my text book, into perpetuity!

        I fought with them and got them to release it after 3 years…

        After that, my last 5 Book Contracts with them were written with more mutually beneficial language, because I insisted on changes in the language.

        Moreover, in a Deal outside of Publishing…

        My $100,000,000 Tele-comm Deal (That’s right over $100 Million Dollars!) was lost because someone else controlled the Product… I’ll tell you about that if you’re interested πŸ™‚

        My lesson in all of this, “When You Don’t Control the (YOUR) Product, You Don’t Control the (YOUR) Profits.”

        Long story short… Control over OUR “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” is Key to OUR SUCCESS and it’s one of the CORNERSTONES of OUR GREAT NATION!

        Take it easy Jim, and thanks again for your response.

        ***Email me if you want the particulars on the Tele-comm Deal.

        Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
        “Keep On, Keeping On…”

        • I would be interested in your tele-com deal info, that is if you would’t mind explaining it to me.
          I am in the progress of writing my first ebook and am kinda bogged down. Think I might need some inspriation.

          Thank you,

          Wayne Phillips

          • Hi Wayne,

            Basically you get on the phone and talk out your ebook… record it… and have it transcribed… then edit it πŸ˜€

            We have a BUNCH of different ways to do it in


  6. Good read Jim, easy to comprehend tactic..keeper this one.
    Makes sense that amalgamation of subtopics ( 3 points formula) can build the main topics for the list. I get it.

  7. I have your 7 day book and I haven’t written my book yet but I’m working on it. But I love this little e-book idea. I think if I can prove to myself I can write a quick ebook in 24 hrs it will be the motivation I need to do the bigger one. Just one question, in the version of your book I have it says you can go to the PDF website and use it for free the first time. But that’s no longer true, at least last time I checked it out. Is there another site where you can convert your writing to PDF for free?

    • Hi Janet,

      I think you have an older version of “7 Day eBook”

      You can just do a search on Google for “Free PDF converter” and you’ll find a lot of options.

      Also, in Word, you can just “save as” a PDF now – that’s typically what I do πŸ˜€


  8. Love the video outline. I’ve always been a fast and natural writer, but organization has never been my strong point which has made it difficult to try to publish my own e-books while also freelancing e-book sized projects for other clients. Just being able to see the way you set up a list with main points AND sub-points really helps me see how I can ramp up my own production instead of getting bogged down. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i find people are buying my book, reading it to get the method i have provided and then getting a refund, thats not cool-what can i do about that?

    my book is Win Any Lottery

    • Hi Connie,

      I agree… it SUCKS when people do that! πŸ™

      2 things you can do to reduce refunds

      1. Have unadvertised bonuses you spread out over time that go past the refund deadline.

      2. Make sure your book is really dialed-in with look, feel, and content so people feel it’s a great value.

      Also, with your topic… if people don’t win… they probably say “This doesn’t work” and then get a refund.


  10. i think i have your #2 advice covered, do you not?

    with the title, i also let them know inside that it does take time for them, this is a method used for centuries and the Military psychic spies taught me this similar stuff…. and they need to practice but we based many life and death situation with this method and now they can use it for numbers.

    kindle does not make it easy for changes.
    i also did the KPD thing, not sure if that was a good idea or not, what do you think?

    and what do you think about IBOOKS. i might do my next book thru them. i am a MAC person but i also struggled more with the format of Kindle than the writing of the book. any thoughts?

    • Connie,

      I don’t know… I’ve not seen or read your ebook πŸ™‚

      I don’t like the Kindle Select program for a lot of reasons!

      I’d suggest you make sure you tell people on the sales page that it takes some time… especially if you’ve got a TON of refunds.

      You can always hire someone on to format your kindle book for $5

      I’d definitely try iBooks.


  11. well, read my book bucko, i read your stuff-lets go! bring it on!


    • LOL – I need to get my act together! πŸ˜‰

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