"Secret List" of the Most Popular eBook Niches?

Here”s a new video about the “Secret List” of the most popular micro-niches for ebooks. In less than 5 minutes you get 3 ways to find the most lucrative micro niches instantly, along with the specific websites (free) to use.

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4 thoughts on “"Secret List" of the Most Popular eBook Niches?

  1. James Holland said:

    Really basic but highly overlooked. I know I am guilty of this but…. I think we tend to over-complicate things.

    With all the new “systems” coming out every day and “Push-button” magic solutions to distract us, I think it actually does more damage than good.

    Too much information and not enough action!

    The best way to test a niche is to go into it.

    Would you rather spend 2 weeks on research for 1 product and hope it turns out great.

    Or put out 5 products in a week and found out that 3 of them were fantastic niches? Then you can build off of the successful ones.

    Thanks Jim. I will be using your 1-2-3 punch to simplify my research:

    1. People looking – Google keyword tool

    2. People spending money – Lots of products (amazon, google products, etc)

    3*. Active community – Or rabid fans – Lots of popular blogs with activity.


    • James,

      I think we’re ALL guilty of thinking a complicated solution is “better” than a “simple” one… that’s why people always ask, “Is it really this simple?”

      Most of the time “simple and done” carries the day – rather than complicated and never done 🙂

      Please let us know how you do!


  2. I truely liked what you had to say. Thank you for sharing. Short and simple. LKL.

    • You’re welcome… thank YOU 😀