Ebook Writing: The #1 Secret Great Authors Know… That YOU Don't!

Ebook Writing

Every author wants to write a best-seller and that”s a fact! Here is the #1 ebook writing secret that will guide ANY author who really wants to write an ebook best seller!

The secret strategy here is that Amazon will tell you what people want in a book before you even write it. The secret is that you use comments from the reviews of best-selling books in your category to have people tell you what is missing and what they loved about other books. You can then use this information to create an outline for your book so you don”t leave anything out AND can instantly differentiate yourself from other books because you include information they don”t.

I”m not sure why everybody else doesn”t do this. It could be because the strategy is so simple, and people love complicated schemes. It could also be because it”s so effective and FAST that it almost feels like cheating. Either way, I”m just happy I use the technique and would encourage you to do the casino same while planning your next book.

This works very simply.

  1. Go do a search on Amazon for your main keyword phrase.
  2. See which books come up.
  3. Go look at the ones with lots of reviews.
  4. Specifically look at the 1-2 Star reviews to see what people are complaining about.
    1. What”s missing?
    2. What”s not given enough detail?
    3. Where did the author go into TOO MUCH detail?
  5. Also, look at the 4-5 Star reviews to see what people loved.
  6. Then take all your notes from this research and use it to help flesh out your own book outline.

So there you have it! The #1 secret strategy to help any and every ebook author use Amazon comments about other people”s books to help you write your own best-seller.

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6 thoughts on “Ebook Writing: The #1 Secret Great Authors Know… That YOU Don't!

  1. Virginia said:

    Brilliant ! So easy. Thanks Jim – will definitely practice this.

  2. Jim, what an easy, make sense strategy. I’l definitely use it when writing my next ebook. Thanks for the great tip!

  3. Al said:

    Jim, That’s what I like about you. Clear, simple, concise, effective, and generous. Thank you.

    • Al,

      You’re welcome… thank *you*