Mindmapping App Helps Authors Brainstorm Fast

Quick demo of my favorite iPad app that helps ebook authors with brainstorming so they can get a book written faster. If you haven”t written your ebook yet, check out http://www.7dayebook.com

NOTE: You can view the video in full-screen mode by clicking the “full screen” button on the video play bar. Just hold your mouse over the video to see the play bar.

10 thoughts on “Mindmapping App Helps Authors Brainstorm Fast

  1. Allan said:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m very interested in purchasing the 7dayebook “course” – is this what you have been advertising for the last couple of years, or is it an updated version?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Allan,

      I’ve been teaching ebooks since 2001

      This is my core course, but I’ve kept it updated… you’re good to go with it.


  2. Jim, great info, as always! I had the app on my ipad, but had not been using it. Didn’t know about the export capacity for Word and PPT. Otherwise, I would have been using it all along.

    Thank you for the quick vid that opened my eyes!

  3. Jean K Sample said:

    Interested in writing ebooks on multiple subjects

  4. Judy said:

    Helpful to see how a mind map is developed. I’ll have to give it a try.

  5. John Vonhof said:

    I don’t see ithoughts HD, only thoughts for 9.99. I love mind mapping my book and project ideas. Thanks for this video.