The “Risk-Free” Ebook Writing Secret

I had a question come across my inbox from an aspiring ebook author. She asked “Shouldn”t I start small, rather than try and write a whole ebook only to find out it will flop?”

I find those types of questions interesting because they show me people do want to succeed, but with so much already happening online, they fear wasting their time. Though I understand it, I also want to encourage people to “go for it” – especially it”s something you”re passionate about. But, with that said, here”s a strategy that can help minimize your risk drastically.

Step 1: Do a Tweet or FB Post

Figure out 5 or 6 different topics you might want to write an ebook about. Instead of writing the ebook, do some social Media posts about each topic and see which ones get the most reaction (likes, comments, shares, etc.). This will give you a really quick indication of what people are interested in and want more information.

Step 2: Expand To Blog Post

Take those topics that got good reactions and expand them into simple blog posts. 200-300 words should be fine. Again, you want to gauge people”s reactions to the blog posts by their comments, sharing, etc. Try to narrow things down to a couple of the most popular topics. (By the way, don”t forget to leverage social media to drive traffic to your posts).

Step 3: Write an Article

Take your most popular couple of posts and expand them into nbso online casino reviews articles. This basically means expanding on the points, throwing in a couple of examples, and giving more of your thoughts on the issue(s). One of the fastest and easiest ways to bulk up a blog post into an article is just add a list of points, tips, secrets, tricks or resources that go along with the original thoughts.

At this point, if your article is a “hit” (meaning people like it, you get comments, and good pass-around), then move on to Step 4.

Step 4: Special Report / Kindle Book

Now you need to decide if you have enough interest to go from article-length to bigger publication size. If your article got favorable attention and it make sense, then you should expand on the topic with either a special report (3-5 articles” worth of content) or ramp up to a Kindle-sized ebook (15-20 articles” worth of content). At this point you should have a really good feel for the audience, their reaction, and the material.

NOTE: Try to use a very curiosity-inducing title for your publication that includes a number, like “7 Critical Mistakes Home Sellers Make” or “5 Tools That Guarantee Your Home Sells.” The title is the most important part in any of these steps, but it”s most critical once you move into more lengthy publications.

Step 5: Full-fledged ebook / Print Book

If your Special Report or Kindle book is a hit, or shows real signs of life in the market, then consider taking the next step and turning out a full-length ebook. Though many people stop at the Kindle stage, an ebook you sell from your own site can be anywhere from 10-20 times MORE profitable. A full ebook can also lead to additional revenue streams like coaching, more ebooks, webinars, home-study courses, and more.

Bottom line: if you”re looking to minimize your risk when creating your own ebook, these 5 steps I”ve just laid out for you will do just that!

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7 thoughts on “The “Risk-Free” Ebook Writing Secret

  1. Great. Loved the simplicity, progressive thoughts and, while short, enough information to keep a person focused and busy for a quality length of time: meaning, the work would have a plan behind the actions being taken.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Lee,

      Thanks very much… glad you enjoyed it! 😀


  2. Your help has been invaluable –
    I hope you are all safe at this time – kind thoughts from Australia

  3. Good points Jim.

    I like the idea of starting with what could be a series of ebooks. So in the decluttering niche I’m thinking of starting with volume 1 which is decluttering your home office, volume 2 decluttering your bedroom, volume 3 decluttering your kitchen, etc.

    That way the volumes are smaller ebooks which can be sold individually. Some people will buy all the volumes as I release them… And I could combine all the volumes into 1 big ebook if I decide to.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

    • Ian,

      GREAT ideas!

      Let me know how you do with them 😀

      Thanks for your thoughts!


  4. Sue Arnott said:

    Hi Jim:
    As always, thank you for sharing. Your tips and information are always most welcome.
    I, too, hope you and your family are safe and sound.
    All the best.