Once I get my ebook ready, how can I get a lot of sales fast?

Selling ebooks isn”t rocket science. In fact, some of the people I know who make a ton of money selling ebooks are not necessarily the smartest people I know. (Then again, some of the smartest people I know don”t make a lot of money.) Selling lots of ebooks comes down to knowing your audience, having GREAT content, and an action plan for making sales F.A.S.T.! Making F.A.S.T. sales comes down to 4 phases of your ebook marketing plan.

Phase #1: (F) Familiar

When you first finish your ebook, you need to exhaust all the people and places you”re already familiar with and who are familiar with you. Anyone you know with a list, hit them up to announce your ebook. Push your ebook on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, forums, and any other places where you either have a following, or are familiar with how people can promote on the sites. Email everyone you know about your ebook”s release, even if it”s just your contacts in your email program. Again, anything or anyone you”re familiar with, get your ebook out in front them as fast and wide as possible.

Phase #2: (A) Active

Next, you want to approach people and sites who are active in the market you”ve targeted with your ebook. One of the best types of people to go after is blog owners who review books, whether as an affiliate or just for the sake of reviewing them. Do a search for your keywords in Google plus the words “review” or “book review” to find potential sites. You can also find a popular book, search for reviews of that book, and then ask those same people to review your ebook too. Also, look for active Facebook Fan Pages and people with lots of Twitter followers who can review and promote your ebook.

Phase #3: (S) Systematic

To sell a LOT of ebooks quickly, you must be very systematic in your approach to your ebook marketing. Doing something one time and then never doing it again is NOT the way to make a lot of sales. You must do what is proven to work over and over casino online again to get results. That means finding sites to run ads, testing ads, and then keep running on the ones that get results. It means systematically approaching people to do reviews. It means posting to your blog, Facebook, and Twitter on a regular basis. If anything, this is the phase where most people fall down and fail, because this is where it stops being sexy and turns into a business. But, this is also the phase where the big money starts to kick in!

Phase #4: (T) Timely

Keeping your ebook fresh and current is also part of the game for long-term sales. Ebooks that are “older” need something to keep them new and “timely” (current) in the minds of potential customers. One of the easiest ways to make your ebook timely is to look at current events and continually look for ways to tie your ebook to what”s going on in the world. If something happens in the news, comment on it on your blog or Facebook or Twitter and then tie it back into your ebook. This can greatly expand the life of your ebook AND keep the sales of your ebook from just petering out over time.

If you want to make a lot of ebook sales F.A.S.T. then make sure you take advantage of every opportunity already at your fingertips, go after those active in your market, be systematic in your approach, and keep your ebook timely in order to stay relevant.

6 thoughts on “Once I get my ebook ready, how can I get a lot of sales fast?

  1. Jim, I really appreciate you sharing your approaches to this marketing method. I am not sure if you could do this. I wonder if you could do a ‘case study’ report as to how you actually completed one of your projects. That would be so valuable that I am sure people would be able to reach into their pockets for such a thing. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Dave,

      That’s a cool thought… I’ll have to think on that… don’t want too many irons in the fire, but case studies make a great framework for learning!

      Thanks 🙂


  2. Hello Jim. Just wanted to let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed this 7 day ebook course… as I believe you may remember.

    I currently have a couple of ebooks on kindle that seem to be trickling sales in regularly… but as you have said before… get marketing behind them and things should do very well.

    The quandry I have is that I have written one of these under a pen name… so that can make it a little more difficult to market under ‘my’ name on places such as FB or Linked in.

    How do you market your books written under your pen name??

    Thanks Jim.


    • Hi Jayne,

      Congrats on getting those done! Trickles turn to torrents with consistent, intense effort 🙂

      As far as my experience goes, the answer (you may not want to hear) is that you have to create a persona around the pen name and market just like it was a real person… build a fan base, come out with new material… and market it!

      Amazon let’s you create up to three (3) “author central” pages from one account… which means you can do just that.

      Let us know how you do!


  3. Many thanks Jim for the 7dayebook course, I produced my first ‘Report/little ebook still got a way to go with building a list but have started on a ebook for Kindle. Without your training I don’t think I would have come this far.

    Would have loved to have gone on the Jim Boat…

    Thanks heaps


    • Jill,

      I just light the way… you walk the path… so kudos to you for taking action!