Seven Ways to Streamline Your Amazon Author Central Page to Sell More Books

By D”vorah Lansky

One of the most powerful “secret weapons” for an author is Amazon”s Author Central page. Each author, with a published book, can set up their own page, which includes a myriad of marketing tools.

In this article I”m going to share seven ways that you can streamline your Amazon Author Central page. (

Upload Your Author Photo

The first step, once you”ve set up your Author Central page, is to add a professional, head shot photo to your profile. Make sure that you are smiling and you look approachable. This is the first thing visitors will see when they come to your page.

You can also upload other photographs, such as photos of your book. Take note though, as you add images, they will move to the #1 spot in your image gallery. The image in the #1 spot is the one that will show up on your profile. That”s not a problem though as you can easily click to edit your photos and move them around to change the order.

Include a Brief, Yet Informative, Biography

The next thing you”ll want to do is add a brief, yet informative biography. Share your credentials and accomplishments as well as a bit about “what you do,” as it relates to you as an author. Write your biography in the third person as it sounds more professional and gives you more credibility. Here”s a photograph of Jim”s author photo and biography as an example.

Make Sure All Books You”ve Written Are Showing Up in Your Bibliography

If you have published more than one book, you”ll want to make sure that they show up on the bibliography section of your Author Central page. Not to worry if you find that books are missing as you can simply login to the dashboard of your profile and click on the “books” tab. As you can see in the illustration below, there is a handy yellow button you can click to add more books.

Claim Your Vanity URL

A relatively new feature on the Author best online casino Central page is the ability to add a vanity URL. This will make it really easy for you to direct people to your profile. To set up your vanity URL, login to your profile dashboard and head to the top right of the page. You”ll see text inviting you to set up your custom URL. Be sure to choose carefully as you may not be able to change it once you”ve created it.

Add Your Twitter Feed

You can integrate your social networking presence onto your Author Central page thus growing your reach and increasing your credibility. Make it easy for people to find you and find out about you, across the many social networking platforms. By integrating your Twitter feed onto your Author Central page, you are in essence creating a social networking platform right on Amazon! From your profile dashboard you”ll be able to easily locate the area to add your Twitter feed to.

Add Your Blog Feed

Adding your blog feed is another way to create a connection with your profile visitors while demonstrating your expertise on a topic. This will help you to build relationships with your readers as well as sell more books. It”s easy to pull in titles and excerpts of blog posts from your site by adding your feed URL to the appropriate place on your profile dashboard.

Typically your blog feed would be formatted like this:

Here is an example of what it looks like when your feed is pulled onto your Author Central page.

Upload a Video or Book Trailer

Last but not least, you can easily upload videos to your Author Central profile. You can share a video book trailer, video tips or excerpts from your book, or whatever you”d like to share in video format.

One of the easiest way to create videos is by creating PowerPoint slides and recording your slideshow along with audio narration. You can either do this right inside of PowerPoint, or for more flexibility you can use a screencast video capture program such as JingProject ( or Camtasia (

Jing Project is the “little sister” of Camtasia and allows you to record videos up to five minutes in length. They have a free version or for a nominal fee you can upgrade for additional features. Camtasia studio requires more of an investment, but allows you to record videos of any length.

Another fun way to create a video is with a program called Animoto ( In a matter of a few short minutes, you can create a very cool looking video, that looks like you paid someone thousands of dollars to create. Animoto offers a free version for super short videos, or you can upgrade for a very nominal fee, to record longer videos.

Time to Take Action

Now that you have a roadmap for enhancing your Amazon Author Central page, why not head over to view (or set up) your page and make updates to increase your presence on Amazon.

If you have questions or inspiring experiences you”d like to share about Author Central pages, scroll down and join in the conversation. Here”s to your success!


D”vorah Lansky, M.Ed., is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online.

She is the founder of the Book Marketing Made Easy Academy and the Producer of the Annual Book Marketing Conference Online. D”vorah”s flagship course, Virtual Book Tours Made Easy, has been taught to hundreds of authors and virtual assistants across the globe.

To connect with D”vorah and claim your free copy of the action-packed guide: 7 Tips for Maximizing Your Own Blog Tour, head over to:

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